Modern Design Aesthetic- What to Ask Your Kitchen Cabinet Supplier!

Modern Design Aesthetic- What to Ask Your Kitchen Cabinet Supplier!

Kitchen Cabinets - What’s in Style? 

Designers are coming up with interesting and innovative ways to maximize efficiency and style in kitchens. With high-density buildings and cities becoming the new norm in Vancouver, designers have to get smart with the placement of kitchen cabinets to provide the client with a spacious feel in smaller kitchens. In this blog, you will learn a little more about modern design aesthetics and trends in terms of kitchen cabinets and their hardware. 

Of course, there will always be grand homes and kitchens in the suburbs, but the majority of folks will be living in smaller square footage apartments, condos, and townhouses within Vancouver. Due to this change from larger square foot homes to smaller, style and design have changed. A more minimalist appearance has taken hold of the market. This means airy light coloured kitchen cabinets and earth tones that seem to blend with the aesthetic. Some of these colours include trendy and contemporary shades of white, black, gray, light gray, and natural earthy and pastel tones.  

Similarly, two-tone kitchen cabinets have recently been in style. Two-tone kitchen cabinets can come in a variety of configurations, however, the most popular is often one colour choice for the bottom kitchen cabinets and another for overhead. This often includes the kitchen island with the other bottom kitchen cabinet colour. Some people opt for a punch of colour when choosing to go with two-tone kitchen cabinets, and some choices may include; navy, mauve, and sage green. 

As for dentil moldings, or the trim you see around each kitchen cabinet door, designers are going with simple, minimalist, clean, and modern looks. Some kitchen cabinets are simply flat whereas others have a simple dentil molding with no bevel. 

Hardware and Hardware Choices 

As for hardware, most popular are the handles over the knobs right now. Handles are often brushed stainless steel varieties. Some also opt for gold or black for a more interesting aesthetic. Hardware can be a personal preference, with some even choosing to opt-out of having handles on upper kitchen cabinets for a very clean and minimalist look.  

How We Can Help 

There are many different kitchen cabinet suppliers in Vancouver to choose from, however, some things that you might want to look out for are one-stop-shops that have knowledgeable sales teams that can walk you through each decision. 

There will be a great number of choices to make when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. The floorplan will determine many of your choices for you, as certain cabinets fit in certain places, like corner cabinets for example, or your kitchen island. Navigating a kitchen remodeling project can be overwhelming, make sure you get the support you need through the right knowledgeable team, every step of the way. Call us today for more information. Our team can support you through this process to ensure that you are happy with your choice to work with one of the best kitchen cabinet suppliers in Vancouver.

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